Leptitox Review: Should You Try it?

The weight loss industry in the US is promoting exercises, cardio sessions, and diet plans, as the mechanisms of cutting body fat. However, these mechanisms have proven futile for a fraction of people. Leptitox is a supplement that provides solutions to individuals aiming to reduce their body weight and especially those that want to cut belly fat. The founder of Leptitox borrowed the science and idea of effective fat burning from a Malaysian family.

Root-cause of obesity

Research indicates that the cause of obesity or weight gain stems from foreign compounds called endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC). Studies suggest obesity in the US was lower in the past as the 20th century begun and steadily increase within the past 40 years. Bisphenol A (BPA) occurs from synthetic chemicals such as plastics, sports drinks, and canned food. These chemicals interfere with the normal functioning of the body and an increase in body weight. Additionally, BPA was responsible for causing lepton resistance. 

According to the Leptitox sales page, ECDs contaminate the environment on a global scale. Moreover, there are more than 76 different types of ECDs detected so far. These chemicals disrupt the usual perception of leptin detection in the brain. Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells as they grow and control food satisfaction.

Leptin Resistance

Leptitox supplement targets leptin resistance to reduce total body fat and promote a lean body. Low levels of leptin occur in the state of hunger and help an individual to eat. Therefore, a state where there is leptin resistance, leptin is released once an individual is full, but the brain fails to detect it.

The individual in such a state will fail to feel satisfied and eat beyond their limit. Thereby he or she will gain immense weight resulting from overfeeding. According to the Leptitox sales page, most individuals above 40 years in the US have leptin resistance, which accounts for the high obesity rates and belly fat deposition.

Leptitox Ingredients

Over 20 natural plant ingredients make up the Leptitox supplement under a company that is FDA and GMP approved. Leptitox supplement key ingredients stem from the Ashraff formulation that constitutes Marian thistle, Apium graveolens seed, jujube, grape seed, alfalfa, Chanca piedra. Taraxacum leaves, brassicas, and barberry. These ingredients focus on detoxifying the ECDs while cleansing the heart, brain, kidney, liver, and joints. Other components include n-acetyl cysteine, burdocks root, choline, chicory root, methionine, and feverfew, among many others.

The ingredients apart from the Ashrafa formula were included in the Leptitox supplement method by Sonya Rhodes and are potent detoxifiers. Marian thistle detoxifiers BPA, Apium graveolens seeds target DEHP, jujube targets Zea and grape seeds cleanses cadmium that occurs in vegetables, cereals, and nuts. Alfalfa promotes liver healing and vitamin replenishing.

Chanca piedra is an antioxidant that improves kidney and digestive function while detoxifying EDC’s. Taraxacum leaves contain vitamins and hence improves liver and bone function. Barberry prevents the body from storing fat, promoting healthy cholesterol and the brain. Brassicas contains cysteine required in the manufacture of the antioxidant glutathione.

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